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Hanoi eases social distancing from September 21
  • | VOV | September 21, 2021 06:29 AM
The capital city will gradually ease social distancing measures starting on September 21, but top priority will be given to people’s health, according to a document signed by Hanoi Mayor Chu Ngoc Anh on September 20 evening.


Hanoi streets have become crowded again before the new document on easing social distancing takes effect, starting on September 21. Photo by Dantri/Dtinews

The city will continue implementing COVID-19 prevention and control measures till all of its residents are fully vaccinated scheduled for November.

According to the document, all State agencies and businesses will arrange 50% of its workforce in their workplace; a large gathering of more than 20 people in the agencies will be banned; and a minimum distance of 2m must be ensured in the meeting room.

The city will ban gatherings of 10 or more people outside offices, schools and hospitals, and continue to suspend all religious activities in worship places, as well as all sports and recreational activities in public places.

It will continue to suspend teaching at educational and training institutions as well as some other business and service activities.

The city will allow the resumption of services at shopping malls, garment and cosmetics outlets, hairdressers’, vehicle, electronics, refrigeration and home appliances repairs, and stationary shops. E-commerce service providers using online delivery services will also be allowed to resume operation.

All food and beverage service establishments are required to offer takeaway services and close before 9pm daily.

Hanoi will continue to suspend all public transport services, including inter-provincial transport.

The municipal administration has requested local residents to only go out of their homes for food, medicines, medical examination and other emergencies.

Hanoi will maintain disease control checkpoints at its gateways and patrol units in the city. To enter the city for business, individuals are required to make a medical declaration and comply with medical supervision and isolation measures.

Nguyen Van Phong, vice secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee, told media workers on September 20 that the easing of social distancing aims to both maintain the effectiveness of COVID-19 prevention and control measures, and facilitate the restoration of production services and people’s daily life.

However, he warned the city remains at risk as there are F0 cases detected in the community every two or three days.

“We must live proactively and safely with COVID-19,” said Phong.

To date, nearly 100% of local people aged 18 and above have received their first shot of the COVID-19 vaccine. However, the city has yet to enter a new normal as only 12% of the people have received their second shot.

To enforce the new normal status, a locality is required by the Ministry of Health to have at least 70% of its population first vaccinated and 20% of the people fully inoculated.

The city expects to fully vaccinate its population in November this year, making it easier for students to return to school.

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