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Cat Linh-Ha Dong Metro Line delayed again
  • | tienphong, | April 30, 2021 10:07 AM
The commercial operational date of Hanoi's Cat Linh-Ha Dong Metro Line has been delayed again.


Cat Linh-Ha Dong Metro Line

The line was supposed to be opened during the Reunification Holiday. However, the Ministry of Transport said that the ACT-French safety consultants issued the system safety certification for the project on April 29. The state council for examination and acceptance of construction works can only issue the final decision based on this certificate.

According to the ministry, after receiving the certification, they immediately submit it but the council will only be able to review and issue their decision after the holiday. After receiving the decision, Hanoi People's Committee and the contractor complete the procedures for the line's commercial operation.

The line has been completed and equipment has been installed. The Railway Project Management Unit and Hanoi Metro Company started transferring documents and assets since early April.

The Ministry of Transport and the Hanoi People's Committee estimated that the metro line would be opened for Reunification Day and May Day in the report to the prime minister. The Ministry of Transport stated that the construction had been completed and all is left is to check and take over documents and procedures.

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