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Vietnam wins medals at international physics competition
  • |, VietnamNet | December 16, 2020 02:29 PM
All of five Vietnamese students who competed at International Distributed Physics Olympiad 2020 (IdPhO 2020) won medals.

The Vietnamese team bagged four silver medals and one bronze medal.


The Vietnamese team at IdPhO 2020.

Among the five, Trang Dao Cong Minh, Vu Ngo Hoang Duong and Le Minh Hoang from the Hanoi University of Science's High School for Gifted Students won the silver medals.

Another silver medal has been granted to Nguyen Khac Hai Long from the Hanoi National University of Education's High School for Gifted Students.

Meanwhile, Nguyen Le Duc Hoang from Hanoi National University of Education's High School for Gifted Students achieved the bronze medal.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, International Physics Olympiad 2020 (IPhO 2020) which was slated to be held in Vilnius, Lithuania this summer, was cancelled.

Under the agreement of the contest’s organising board, the 2020 International distributed Physics Olympiad 2020 (IdPhO 2020) was launched instead in Russia on December 7-15.

The event received students who qualified for the IPhO 2020.

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