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Two dead, two missing in Thanh Hoa flash floods
  • | | July 20, 2018 11:29 AM

Two people in a family of four have been found dead after a flash flood swept them away and damaged several houses in Thanh Hoa Province’s Lang Chanh District.

The flash flood suddenly occurred in Lang Chanh District on the evening of July 19, damaging three houses in Hac Village, Tri Nang Commune. One house was completely ruined. 

 A flash flood sweeps away several houses in Thanh Hoa Province on July 19

The flood has also swept four people in a local family away. They were Vi Van Thien, 52, and his mother Le Thi Bien, 86; Thien’s daughter-in-law Ha Thi Bien, 29, and Thien’s niece Vi Thi Huyen Tran, 5.

Rescue forces have found the body of Thien and Bien, while they are still seeking the two others.

Meanwhile, three others in the locality have been injured due to the incident.

Lang Chanh District’s authorities have worked with local residents to search for the missing people. Safe places have also arranged for people.

Due to the heavy rains, nearly 50 households in Trai 2 Village, Lang Chanh Town have been relocated o other places.

The rains have also cut off many local roads.

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