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Students in Khanh Hoa gather to protest China's actions
  • | LD, | May 16, 2014 03:21 PM
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 >>  Thousands protest China's East Sea incursions
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A demonstration was held at Nha Trang University on May 15 afternoon, with the participation of over 7,000 students and teaching staff, in protest of Chinese incursions on the territorial waters of the East Sea.


Vietnamese fight for the dismantling of HD-981 oil rig

Pham Quang Huy, Chief of the university’s Party Agitation Committee, said, “China’s illegal placement of the Haiyang-981 oil rig on the Vietnamese continental shelf is the incursion of our territorial waters. All the students, teaching staff and administrators at our university are united in our opposition to this action."

He noted that they also wanted to express their patriotism and support for the efforts by the Vietnamese government and forces who are taking risks to maintain Vietnamese territorial waters and force China to remove all illegal vessels and infrastructure in the East Sea.


Over 7,000 students and teachers take part in protest

Le Phuong Chung, Secretary of the university’s Youth Union, also expressed opposition to China’s incursions and pledged to devote their intelligence and strength to the protection of the national territorial sovereignty.


Two Australian volunteers join the protest

US Fulbirght scholar, Cottrell Stephen, joins protest with his daughter

Vu Ngoc Boi, Chairman of the university’s Trade Union, called on union members, including 800 teachers, to oppose China by taking practical actions, including increasing efforts in scientific research, enhancing training, fostering the university’s general development and contributing part of their salaries, equaling VND100 million (USD4,735) in total, to fund Vietnamese forces in the East Sea.


Students at Nha Trang University support the government and the Party in national protection efforts

Students strongly protest China’s incursion

All the university’s teaching staff, along with 20,000 students, sent a letter of determination to high-ranking Chinese officials, affirming that Paracels and Spratly belong to Vietnam. They also requested that China agree to dismantle the HD-981 oil rig without preconditions. They called on Chinese people and people from around the world to join the opposition against these activities that violate international law and the general spirit of friendly cooperation.

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