Hanoians struggling with intense heat
  • | | June 19, 2024 04:48 PM
People in Hanoi are experiencing blazing hot weather as the outdoor temperature has reached up to 42 degrees centigrade.


These days, most people dress fully covered from head to toe when outside to avoid the sun. Despite wearing sun-protective clothes, some people still use an umbrella to lessen the feeling of burning heat.

The scorching sun makes the streets quieter, even in the middle of the week.

On Ho Tung Mau Street, several people chose to stop under the shade while waiting at the stop line for the red light.

The hot weather makes outdoor work much harder.

More people choose to order food through mobile apps amid the intense heat.

Ride-hailing drivers often take a quick nap under the shade of trees.


Cafes and beverage stalls have attracted more customers during the hot weather. Some businesses have installed misting systems to cool down the heat.

The hot wave has been forecasted to last until June 22-23.

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