Hanoi car owners fined for double parking
  • | | March 25, 2023 07:37 AM
Many people at an apartment building in Hanoi have been fined for parking their cars on a nearby street due to a shortage in parking spaces.

According to local traffic police, cars at the Kim Van-Kim Lu development were double-parked along Belt Road 3 from Thursday late evening to Friday morning, severely affecting the traffic. 

Each car owner was fined VND800,000-1 million (USD34.04-42.55) and had their driving license withdrawn for seven days.

Drivers were earlier reminded of the issue by the traffic police, but they have still ignored the ban. 

The Kim Van-Kim Lu development has three apartment buildings with minimal parking.

It is common to see many building apartments in Hanoi face the same problem. According to the Hanoi Department of Transport, Hanoi is home to around 6.9 million cars and motorbikes, but the city has only 90 hectares of parking space, which only meets just 10 percent of the demand.

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