Grilled snakehead fish street busy for God of Wealth Day
  • | | January 31, 2023 06:34 PM
Many families on Tan Ky Tan Quy Street are busy grilling blotched snakehead fish for the God of Wealth Day.

This year, the God of Wealth Day (the 10th of the Lunar New Year) falls on January 31. 

On Monday evening, Tan Ky Tan Quy Street in Tan Phu District was full of smoke from grilling blotched snakehead fish.

Nguyen Trung, owner of a blotched snakehead fish shop, on the street said that his facility grilled around five tonnes of snakehead to meet demand.

Each snake fish weighs 1-2 kilos. After being cleaned, sugarcane sticks will be skewered into the fish before being baked. The sugarcane helps the fish to become more tasty.

Trung employed 30 people, including many relatives, to serve the fish processing against just 3-4 members of his family on ordinary days.

Charcoal is used for grilling the fish.

Sauce and herbs are used along with the fish. Each blotched snakehead fish shop has its own way of making sauce.

According to Le Van Bay, Trung’s cousin, he and other workers had to work from early morning to grill the fish.


Silver foil is used to help keep the fish warm 

It takes each batch of fish 35-40 minutes to be grilled, depending on the heat.

Each snakefish, including sauce and herbs, is priced at VND200,000-250,000 (USD8.47-10.59).

Le Van Tho’s family prepared five tonnes of snake fish for this occasion. He hired 10 people for the work.

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