Two suffer from severe burns in boat fire
  • | | August 26, 2019 05:06 PM
Two crew members have been admitted to the hospital when their boat suddenly burst into flames right after the tourists had left.


The boat burst into flame

On August 26, Huynh Binh Thai, head of the management board of Nha Trang Bay announced that the incident occurred at 9.15 am on the same day. The boat led by Nguyen Van Tan and carried 25 people to Hon Mun Island. After the tourists went ashore, the boat near Hon Mot Island suddenly burst into flame.

The boat was still within the registration period and good to use.

It is suspected that the fuel tank might have exploded. Tan and another crewmember didn't escape in time and had suffered severe burns. They had been quickly brought to the hospital by other boats that helped put out the fire.

The authorities are investigating the incident since the boats make thousands of trips to carry tourists to desired sites every day.

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