Gia Lam Airport conversion into a commercial airport scrapped
  • | | October 12, 2018 08:04 PM
The Ministry of Transport has proposed to scrap the plan to convert Gia Lam into a civilian airport to the Ministry of Defence and Hanoi People's Committee.


Gia Lam Airport

The Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam previously asked the Ministry of Transport to scrap Gia Lam Airport master plan in the report about land management and the implementation of Decision 236 about aviation development plan adjustments.

The Ministry of Defence and Hanoi People's Committee were asked for their opinions on the report.

Gia Lam Airport is currently used for military training activities and chartered helicopter taxi flights for tourists visiting nearby attractions such as Ha Long Bay. There were plans to convert Gia Lam to a civilian airport. However, due to lack of funding that the plans haven't been realised.

While adjusting the aviation development plan to 2020 with view to 2030, Airport Engineering Consultancy and Services JSC concluded that converting Gia Lam to a civilian airport was no longer suitable to the overall plan. They will have to expand the runways which would clash with the city land management plan.

In February, the Ministry of Transport was already asked to scrap the plan to turn Gia Lam into a civilian airport and continue letting the Ministry of Defence manage as such.

Gia Lam Airport covers 320.61 hectares, 144.44 hectares are used for military activities. The airport is managed by the Air Force.

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