Photographer hunts in the forests
  • | VNN | August 14, 2010 12:36 PM

With 60 photos, Le Hoai Phuong owned the highest number of pictures displayed at the ASEAN – Biodiversity Exhibition in Hanoi from August 3-6.

Photographer Le Hoai Phuong.

Phuong recently quit his job at the People’s Procuracy of Binh Thuan province to devote his whole time to photography. He set up his own company, the Vietnam Nature Movie Company, to produce full high-definition television programs on Vietnam’s plants, forests and open nature reserves.

Visiting Phuong’s website, one will discover the world of nature with birds, animals, insects and flowers. He currently has more than 10,000 selected pictures of the nature.

Phuong not only takes normal photos of wild animals, but he writes a diary by his photos. “I initially took photos of anything, but I gradually felt the attractiveness of environmental and natural photos. I’m attracted by this because they are not arranged and instead are unique in terms of information. In current conditions, Vietnam can produce elite press photos about nature and environment, but I know that this is a gap in Vietnam photography,” he detailed.

Phuong added that he would only focus on environmental and natural photography. Thus, he will have to work in the forest.

Family: The mother eagle brought an iguana to her baby. In the first months of the baby eagle, it only follows the mother eagle to observe and learn how to seek food. Aroun 12 months after the baby bird are well-trained of hunting skills, the mother eagle will let’s the baby to live alone.

A hunting eagle: at the speed of up to 250km/hour, the eagle is called “lord of sky”.

A reddish eagle (Hieraaetus kienerii kienerii), which can clearly see objects 500m away.

The biggest and the smallest: if the fresh water fish-catching eagle has the broadest span in Vietnam, o kim is the smallest bird in the eagle family. Its wing span is only 15cm. Its food is butterflies and small birds.

A hawk net, which holds all records related to bird nets. Hawks always build their nets on high trees, at least 30m from the ground. Their nets are the biggest, 1.6m long, 1.4m wide. Hawk nets are built in the longest time, from August to February. This net was taken at the height of 36m, on the peak of Ba Mount in Binh Thuan province in February 2009.

In this photo: a man named Kan chopped down a 50m tree to catch baby eagles. He said the price for a baby eagle is 2 million dong ($100). The photo was taken on May 24 2009 on Ba Mount.

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