Lottery winner gets more than he dreamed of
  • | | February 25, 2010 08:25 AM

“Honestly speaking, I would have only hoped to win a few million dong,” smiled Nguyen Van Het, 97, who just won VND7.6 billion ($400,000) in the lottery.

Nguyen Van Het sold lottery tickets when he was 60

Recently, people keep talking about a story where an impoverished 97 year old man has become a Vietnamese billionaire after winning big in the lottery. The small alley at 341 Lac Long Quan Street where he is living has become more crowded than ever before because some people claimed as his relatives have showed up to ask for some money from him.

“I had the same dream 3 nights in a row that I would win the biggest lottery prize,” said Het. Magically, his dream has come true. They won so much money that the old couple cannot count it. They just know they won a fortune.

After receiving his winnings, he gave VND20 million ($1,042) to the lottery seller, VND400 million ($20,840) for two nephews and two sons and he also donated VND55 million ($2,865) to 3 pagodas along with 20kilos of rice to each family living in his alley.

Nguyen Van Het and his wife thank God for giving them so much money

Het said that he wanted to use the money for buying some new clothes for his wife, some meat, a new television and to fix his house.

“With so much money, I just want to do charity. What else can I do?” asked Het. “I kept some money in the bank and the remaining amount, I will give it all away. I don’t have money to buy lottery anymore. Don’t worry, reporter. Two more lucks will come in my life. When they come, I will give you some money.”

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