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Visually impaired man to visit every province and city in Vietnam to raise money for charity
  • | VNS | May 10, 2023 07:26 PM
Nguyễn Sỹ Phi Sang, a 25-year-old man hailing from the central Nghệ An Province, has recently gained attention on TikTok for his admirable mission to support blind individuals facing hardship.

Nguyễn Sỹ Phi Sang stands on Văn Miếu Street, Hanoi to sell goods. — Photo

Sang, who lost his right arm and vision in both eyes due to a sudden accident two years ago, did not let the tragedy define him.

With the encouragement of his loved ones, Sang bravely adapted to his new circumstances. He joined the Anh Sơn District’s Blind Association, where he witnessed the struggles faced by the blind community.

Inspired to make a difference, Sang devised a plan to travel across various provinces to sell goods, using the profits to support the blind community. His ultimate goal is to aid those who face more difficulties than himself.

Though his journey began as a means to support himself, Sang's intentions quickly expanded to encompass a much larger purpose.

Through his unwavering dedication and commitment to helping others, Sang has inspired many.

"I want to go to all 63 provinces and cities across the country, using money from the sale of goods to raise funds to help people with visual impairment," Sang said.

"Even though I can't see anything, I still want to seek sympathy, to let people know that there are still a lot of visually impaired people who need help from everyone in society."

Knowing Sang's plan, his family was worried but did not object. All members respected his decision.

The trip became more hopeful when Phạm Ngọc Sỹ, a close friend, became Sang's companion on a long and difficult journey.

"I quit my job and go with my friend because I want to be his eyes and help him fulfil his dream," said Sỹ.

The two planned and carefully prepared the necessary items for the long trip, such as a motorcycle repair kit, raincoats, and hammock.

Sỹ was a driver for the whole trip and shot clips to update their journey on social networks. Sang was responsible for selling products.

Their trip started on April 8, departing from the northern mountainous province of Hà Giang.

Both considered this was not an outing but a working trip, Sang said.

“Therefore, on rainy days, we still wear raincoats to travel to keep up with the schedule.”

They have gone through 15 provinces and cities and plan to stick to their schedule.

“We still feel lucky. Although I am visually impaired and have lost my right arm, my health is still good enough to withstand the journey's hardships,” Sang said.

Sang wears a plastic basket in front, selling items such as cotton swabs, bamboo toothpicks, chewing gum and cakes.

Depending on the weather and schedule, Sang sells items for 5-7 hours daily.

Standing outside in sunny or rainy weather to make sales keeps him going.

Continuing the journey across Vietnam, spreading positive energy, helping people understand more about the visually impaired and empathising with them is the desire of Sang and his companion.

After completing the trip, he will use all the money they earn to give to visually-impaired people in difficult circumstances and contribute to a local vocational training centre for the blind and disabled.

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