Dan tri/DTiNews’s made steps last year
  • | | February 07, 2011 07:36 AM

>> Dantri a hit with Opera phone browser users

>> Dan Tri most visited news website in Vietnam

>> in global Top 10 fastest rising by Google

Entering into its sixth year, Dan tri/DTiNews made remarkable strides in 2010, becoming one of Vietnam’s leading online newspapers.

Marking the 5th birthday

DTiNews, Dan tri\'s English version

Granting ceremony of Vietnam Talent Awards 2010
Receiving the national press prizes
Poko Bridge

On July 15, 2010, Dan tri/DTiNews celebrated its 5th anniversary ceremony and received encouragement from leaders, scientists and veterans. In a congratulation letter, Truong Tan Sang, Politburo member and Standing member of the Secretariat of the Communist Party of Vietnam, hailed Dan tri/DTiNews for its contributions to the national study promotion activities.

Attracting 10 billion pageviews

As of October, 2010, Dan tri/DTiNews had attracted 10 billion pageviews since it started operations. According to Alexa, a prestigious statistic toolbar, Dan tri/DTiNews ranked second among Vietnamese online newspapers in terms of the number of visitors. Google’s statistics showed that the newspaper’s record high number of visitors is 360 million and 100 million per month and per week respectively. 8.9 million people read Dan tri/DTiNews regularly, according to Google.

Most mobile views

Opera Mini, the popular online phone browser, ranked as the second most visited site by its users in Vietnam in October, only behind Google itself.

Launching of English version DTiNews

Officially becoming operational on January 1, 2010, DTiNews drew attention of the Vietnamese community in foreign countries.

Vietnam Talent Awards expanded to health sector

Vietnam Talent Awards 2010, organised by Dantri/DTiNews, has grown in scale for over the years. Last year, for the first time, the awards also covered the health sector.

Connecting with readers

Last year marked a great stride for Dan tri/DTiNews in connection with readers. Nearly 90% of the newspaper’s articles received readers’ comment. Particularly, the article about a nanny’s cruel treatment to a three-year little girl in Binh Duong Province attracted a record high of 10,000 comments.

“Little baby Nhan Ai” touched hearts

On July 19, 2010, Dan tri/DTiNews published an article about an abandoned baby. This attracted the attention of many Dan tri/DTiNews readers who then donated money to set up a fund bearing her name, Nhan Ai. The fund is aimed to help disadvantaged children.

Winning four national press prizes

Late 2009, Dan tri/DTiNews won the highest prize (Grade A) in a national press contest for its covering of the armed forces. In 2010, the newspaper gained three more national press prizes.

Building 2 bridges

Last year, Dan tri/DTiNews and the Vietnam Study Promotion Fund used funds given by donors to build two bridges, one in southern Kien Giang Province and the other across Poko River, in Central Highlands Kon Tum Province. The newspaper is currently calling for donations to build a third bridge in Phu Mua Village, Jo Ngay Commune, central Quang Nam Province.

Polls drew great attention

In 2010, Dan tri/DTiNews conducted a range of public opinion polls on issues of interest. Each attracted tens of thousands of participants.

Now that the Lunar New Year is upon us, Dan tri/DTiNews would like to take this opportunity to send our gratitude to our readers for contributions in helping improve our services. We hope to do an even better job in meeting your expectations in the coming year.

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