Medical workers in Thanh Hoa fake qualifications
  • By Nguyen Thuy | | January 13, 2015 04:54 PM
As medical graduates in Vietnam struggle to find work, an investigation of healthcare units in Thanh Hoa Province has found a number of medical workers have been using fake certificates to gain employment, some for decades.


 Thieu Hoa District’s General Hospital found three workers using fake certificates

Le Huu Uyen, from the provincial Department of Health, said an investigation launched early last year found at least 20 medical workers from local hospitals and medical stations did not have the qualifications they claimed.

One worker using fake certificates was found at Thanh Hoa Provincial Hospital, one at the Provincial Hospital of Endocrinology and two at Thanh Hoa City General Hospital.

Several medical workers in the province had been using fake certificates for decades.

“The provincial Department of Health has requested all violators be dismissed and their dossiers sent to provincial police for further investigation,” Uyen said.

In some cases, violators are being allowed to continue working, such as in the case of Le Thi Thuy, who used a fake phamarcy certificate to work at the Provincial Hospital of Endocrinology as a medicine deliverer. She had worked at the hospital for eight years.

After her cheating was uncovered, Thuy was dismissed last May 20, but a few months later the hospital’s director decided to re-employ her as a nurse's aid with one-year contract beginning from last October 1, stirring up public controversy.

“We’ll ask the hospital’s leaders explain the decision,” Uyen said.

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