HCM City shop offers free clothes for low-income people
  • |, Danviet | January 06, 2024 10:43 AM
Bui Thi Thu Uyen carefully chose the clothes from a big bag, pulled them straight and then hung them up. Her hands were careful but quick while she turned to greet her first customers with a smiling face. She started to show customers what her shop has and give advice on what looks suitable for them while still busily arranging the items.

A shop in HCM City's Binh Thanh District is offering free clothes for low-income people.

"I opened the shop two months ago and we're receiving lots of customers," Uyen said. "We're offering clothes and accessories for free and our customers are mostly low-income people."

The shop owner shared that she got the idea when seeing that many low income people in the area are facing financial difficulties amid the economic downturn.

The owner Bui Thi Thu Uyen arranges clothes at her shop while greeting customers.

"As the Tet Lunar New Year Festival nears, many people want to have some new clothes and accessories, but they don't have the money," she said. "So, I decided to open this shop to offer them for free."

The shop attracts lots of customers.

Uyen first got used items from her family and friends and then many people began donating to the shop.

"Most of the items here are second-hand but we select them very carefully to ensure that they're still in good condition," she said. "We divide the shop into sections for women, men, and children. Some clothes shops in the area have also sent new items here as donations."

As the shop is attracting lots of customers, some of Uyen's friends have joined to help her gather the items. The shop used to open three days a week but now they're open for six.

A customer, Nguyen Thi Tuyet from Binh Thanh District said that the shop was a godsend for low-income people like her.

"I found out about the shop through some friends," she said. "This is my first time here and I found a beautiful shirt and blouse that fit me really well. I want to sincerely thank the founder of the shop and all the donors for their kindness.

Uyen said that they are receiving a rising amount of donated clothes and are sharing them with some orphanages and care homes.

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