Foreign trekkers walk 2,000 km to support Vietnamese children
  • | | November 30, 2023 08:15 PM
Schoolteachers Jake Norris from Australia and Sean Down from Ireland are embarking on a trailblazing trek to support the anti-child trafficking Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation and the anti-child poverty Thanh Loc project.

Schoolteachers Jake Norris from Australia and Sean Down from Ireland are embarking on a trailblazing trek to support  disadvantaged children in Vietnam.

Jake, 36, and Sean, 44, will spend the next three months walking 2,000 km from Hanoi to HCM City via a mountainous route that has never been attempted before. The friends hope to raise over USD200,000, which will be divided equally between the two charities. The Australian Embassy is sponsoring the walkers in recognition of Australia’s commitment to counter trafficking and as part of its activities marking the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations with Vietnam.

Jake, who has lived in Hanoi for seven years, and his teammates at the Vietnam Swans Australian Rules Football Club visit an orphanage every year to play with the kids and bring them gifts. This highlighted the difficult lives some children in Vietnam have and Jake felt an urge to help. His ambitious charity walk idea began to form during the Covid lockdown three years ago.

“I finally had time to really start planning something – something that would create significant change,” he said. “I wanted to give back to the country and its people who have given me so much.”

When Jake’s original partner pulled out, Sean stepped in to revive The Vietnam Charity Walk. Having quit their jobs in May to focus on training and fundraising, the pair will set off on the famous HCM Trail on December 2, departing from Hanoi’s Opera House. They plan to stop at every orphanage on their way and look forward to engaging with the local communities and raising awareness of how many kids need help in Vietnam. As animal lovers, they will also stop at animal shelters along the route.

Explaining their choice of route, Sean says: “One reason we chose such a difficult route away from the flat, major highways people usually use, is to give ourselves more chances to be among local communities. Our trail adds an extra challenge because it’s longer, sparsely populated, and mountainous in parts.”

Jake concludes, “I’m a bit worried because I’m an athlete, I’ve played AFL most of my life, and the knees, ankles and hips aren’t getting any younger. But I love a challenge! Three long years of preparation and several false starts later, we’re finally about to begin.”

Follow the journey via their Instagram, Facebook and TikTok accounts @vietnamcharitywalk.

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