Readers give support to doctors fighting Covid-19
  • | | April 29, 2020 09:32 AM
Dantri/DTiNews has transferred VND230m from readers to a hospital in Quang Nam Province for their fight against Covid-19.


VND230m donated to the Quang Nam General Hospital

On April 27, Dantri representative in the Central and Central Highlands Nguyen Dinh Hoa visited and transferred the donation to Quang Nam General Hospital which is one of Vietnam’s Covid-19 hospitals.

Dr Nguyen Tai, director of Quang Nam General Hospital, said during the most difficult times, they had faced some challenges like a lack of protective equipment. However, they overcame challenges together and followed all the directives by the Department of Health and provincial authorities.

Tai said he was moved because of everyone's support and love, especially during such difficult times. He said this was a precious and meaningful gift. He thanked everyone and said the money will be used for doctors who are on the frontline.

All the doctors are still in good spirit and responsible for their jobs thanks to the attention of the government. Tai said just a small encouragement can make everyone feel happy.


Pham Huy Hoan, editor-in-chief of Dantri, helps transfer the donation of VND1 billion from anonymous reader to the doctors at the National Hospital of Tropical Diseases on March 24

Quang Nam General Hospital has 470 employees. It also owns a clinic outside Dien Nam-Dien Ngoc Industrial Park that serves the workers. This clinic was turned into a quarantine area for people with obvious symptoms. 160 people have been quarantined. On April 27, the quarantine period ended and the clinic resumed regular operation.

The Infectious Department at Quang Nam General Hospital was also turned into a quarantine area for confirmed patients. 34 doctors were on the frontline. All activities have returned to normal.

On March 24, an anonymous reader donated VND1bn to the doctors in Hanoi. Pham Huy Hoan, editor-in-chief of Dantri, transferred the donation to the doctors at the National Hospital of Tropical Diseases in Hanoi.

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