Parents struggle to raise three seriously ill children
  • By Pham Oanh | | February 12, 2015 08:55 AM

Three children, two with cerebral palsy and one with heart disease, in Ha Nam Province desperately need help, their parents having tried everything and borrowed heavily to pay for their health care.

Cao Thi Thuy, her husband and their three children live in a small house in Van Lam 1 Village. The eldest daughter, Nguyen Thi Yen was born with congenital heart disease and underwent surgery shortly after birth. She required a second round of surgery when she was two, forcing Thuy to borrow from relatives and neighbours to pay medical bills of tens of millions of VND.

A second child, a son, Nguyen Van Tho, born five years later, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Yen and her brother 

The came a third, Nguyen Van Truong, who was also found to have cerebral palsy. "We didn't intend to have a third child, but I became pregnant," said Thuy. "We were careful and visited doctors frequently to ensure the child would be born healthy. We were so hopeful."

Tho, now 8, and Truong, 7, require constant attention.


Tho (left) and Truong have cerebral palsy 

"They love to listen to people talk to them and when they see pretty things, they ask to play with them," Thuy said. "I feel such pain whenever I look at them and can't give them more."

Thuy's husband, Nguyen Van Chung, works hard and several jobs and his days are long as he tries to make enough to care for his children, but the family often goes hungry because of the cost of the medicines the children need.

Tho and Truong are still kept in different cribs

The government gave the family VND7.2m several years ago, but that didn't last long and Thuy borrowed VND8m to build a modest house for her children. She could not afford concrete or much timber.


Thuy and her son

Nguyen Xuan Thuy, head of Van Lam 1 Village, said, "Chung and Thuy's family has been unable to escape poverty. The authorities can only help them so much. They still have many difficulties and need help from the community."

If you can help, please donate through:

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