Antarctic adventure ends but team still worried
  • | | December 15, 2009 03:45 PM

Returning home from their Antarctic adventure, four women are determined to implement a series of environmental protection activities in Vietnam.

“Floating ice blocks on the ocean makes amazing scenery, but they are a sad reminder that there is something wrong with our environment,” said Hoang Thi Minh Hong, a Vietnamese woman on her second visit to Antarctica.

Vietnamese team in Antarctic.

“The expedition, led by Robert Swan, a famous adventurer and environmentalist was awesome even though I had to pay for it all.” said Nguyen Phuong Anh, manager of a securities company.

With a passion for discovery and a concern about climate change, they climbed snowy mountains and swam in freezing water under the severe weather conditions of the South Pole. The adventure gave them not only unforgettable memories and experiences but also further helped them to understand the environmental changes our world is undergoing.

In expressing her feeling, 12 years after her first expedition to the Antarctic, Hong said, “I made my first trip when I was 24 so a lot of the memories had faded. This time I took 5,000 beautiful photographs. There are a lot more floating ice blocks and Robert Swan reminded us that they were the result of global warming.”

In 1997 there were very few visitors to Antarctica. This has change and tourism to the continent has increased dramatically; which is having a negative effect on the area.

This amazing scene is a negative reminder of the state of the environment.

“When we get back, we intend to do something to protect our environment. We are determined,” confirmed all four women.

The team reported on their 2010 action plan for protecting the environment; including building an environment website; discussion with young people and enterprises about Antarctica and the environment; campaigning against the use of polythene bags and energy saving promotions. Furthermore, the team will become responsible for environmental protection in Vietnam on behalf of the 2041 organisation

“Vietnam is a part of the world. As forecasted, we are one of the countries most affected by global climate change. Therefore we believe that we should be responsible for protecting the environment.” said Hong.

Ice floating – a sign of global warming.

One of the main concerns for Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy, Managing Director of International School of Saigon AIS is how to promote environmental awareness to Vietnamese school children. After the trip, she had an opportunity to have discussions with some international contacts, and is positive that she would be able to give lectures on environmental education.