The courage of train accident victim
  • | | December 13, 2009 08:35 PM

Van Danh, the little boy who lost his left leg in a tragic train accident is full of energy.

His father said that after his story was reported, Danh’s family has been inundated with public support. “On December 13, we are taking him to the Children’s Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City for a review. We also hope they will be able to fit him with an artificial leg to enable him move around easier. We will do the best we can for him on what we can afford.” said Danh’s father.

When we revisited Danh’s home earlier this month, his mother had just returned from the market. In a living room where the only piece of furniture was a desk for Danh, we had to sit on the floor.

There’s only a desk in the living room where Danh sat on the chair, his parents and guests sat on the floor

Initially, Danh appeared shy, but that soon gave way to his friendliness and immense energy.

When asked what he does if he wants to sit down, Danh simply let his body fall freely on to the floor. His knee hit the floor but it appeared that he felt no pain.

His remaining leg is covered with scars


Free falling has caused callous knees.


His mother cleans his “waste bag”.

After a while, he asked us to go out and watch him ride his bicycle which had been given to him by an anonymous donor. “He likes the bicycle because he uses it to get around, with it he doesn’t have to hop”, said his mother. It is amazing what he can do on the bicycle with just one leg. He can also climb trees. “When he falls, which is often, he doesn’t cry. I never shout at him, I comfort him.” his mother shared with us.


Danh out to cycle.


Cycling with difficulty on one leg


Danh also likes climbing

* Below is a video clip showing how lively Danh is in everyday life:




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