3 year old suffers horrific burns
  • | | February 25, 2010 06:16 PM

Nguyen Trang Nguyen, 3, fell into a quicklime heating oven causing serious burns all over his body.

His body is completely bandaged, his arms and legs hung up to help ease the terrible pain. He spent the entire length of Tet in the National Burn Hospital. His mother is very worried because she is quickly running out of money.

Nguyen was born at Giao Phong Commune, Giao Thuy District, Nam Dinh Province. He cannot move his arms and legs much otherwise the pain will be excruciating. His whole body is covered with burns aside from his head.

“He fell into the oven and has been treated in the hospital for one month but he’s not getting better," his devastated mother Pham Thi Thuy shared. 42% of his skin was burned and 35% of that burn area were either 3rd or 4th degree burns.

Nguyen has suffered from horrible burns

Doctor Nguyen Nhu Lam, Manager of the Emergence Recuperation Department of the National Burn Hospital told DTiNews that the burns are so serious that his muscle, fat and veins are visible. His case is much more severe than Loi, another burn victim recently reported about by DTiNews last month. This is perhaps the most serious case the hospital has seen, and this boy's young life is very fragile at this point.

According to Prof. cum PhD. Le Nam, Manager of the hospital, the little boy needs intensive care and treatment. He has undergone 4 surgeries for skin graft. Today he will have have his 5th. There is a possibility that he will need more surgeries as well.

During this surgery, doctors plan to take head skin to graft because there’s no other unaffected skin left to be cut.

Nguyen during his first days in the hospital

His head was shaved so that the unaffected skin could be used in surgeries

He did not cry when he saw us but sometimes he looked at his mother as if asking for help. “He stopped crying when he saw strangers otherwise he cries all the time due to the horrible pain. However, I'm helpless, there's nothing I can do,” shares Thuy.

Thuy makes salt for a living and her husband is a construction worker, therefore, neither makes much money. They have already borrowed VND100 million ($5,163) for their son’s treatmens but his condition remains unstable.

Pham Huy Hoan, Editor in Chief of Dan Tri/DTiNews donated VND3 million ($162) to Nguyen Trang Nguyen to help with treatment costs

“I am running out of money. I don’t know where to borrow money. I may have to take him home when my money runs out. I wish that I were the burn victim not him,” said Thuy.

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