Saying goodbye to the city and tree Thu called home
  • | | February 04, 2010 05:07 PM

Yesterday, the elderly lady Thu, who spent 31 years living underneath a tree, headed South with her children, marking the end of a long separation.

Many people in Tran Phu Ward, Ha Tinh City came to see her off. All of them felt happy for her after she was reunited with her family but also felt sad to see her leave.

Thu wore new clothes and a hat. She was also offered many of her favourite foods before leaving.

She simply could not help crying

They all wished her a happy and long life and hoped that one day she would come back and see them. Some rushed to embrace her, some sent her good-bye kisses. It was a moving goodbye.

“I really don’t want her to leave. I want her to stay a few more days with the people here. Your care and love to us is like that of blood relatives,” her son said. They received VND20 million ($1,081) from compassionate donors and many other gifts, according to Son.

Helping Thu get into a car

More donations as they leave

People gathered to say goodbye

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