Vietnam to brace for three to four tropical storms till year’s end
  • | VOV | June 11, 2024 08:01 PM
Between seven and nine tropical storms/tropical depressions are expected to form in the East Sea from now till the end of 2024, of which three to four will slam into Vietnam’s mainland, mainly from September to November, according to the National Centre for Hydrometeorological Forecasting.

Three to four tropical storms are expected to hit Vietnam till year’s end. (Photo: VNDMS)

On average between six and seven tropical storms/tropical depressions hit the East Sea every year, with two to three battering the mainland of Vietnam.

The meteorological agency warned that Vietnam would beware of storms with complicated developments in both trajectory and intensity.

Nguyen Duc Hoa, deputy head of the Climate Forecasting Department under the National Center for Hydrometeorological Forecasting said there is high probability that a tropical storm or tropical depression wil form in the East Sea in early July.

Also according to the meteorologist, El Nino is likely to change to a neutral state with a probability of 80 - 85% from now until the end of June 2024, and ENSO will gradually shift to the La Nina state with a probability of 65 - 75% from July and August.

The average temperature across the country from now until July 10, 2024, is usually 0.5-1°C higher than the average for many years.

Heavy rain, thunderstorms, tornadoes, lightning, and hail may negatively impact production and daily activities of communities in affected areas.

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