Localities nationwide ready to organise national high school graduation exam
  • | nhandan | June 27, 2021 06:55 PM
As of 6pm on June 25, 63 cities and provinces across the country are ready for the organisation of the 2021 National High School Graduation Examination, scheduled for July 7-8, according to the Quality Management Department under the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET).


Classrooms are being sanitised to serve the 2021 national high school graduation exam

The MOET said that localities have been actively preparing for the event, while designing feasible plans to organise the exam in the context of the pandemic, ensuring it takes place safely and seriously.

Specifically, localities have screened candidates who are F0, F1 and F2 cases and are taking measures suitable to the reality of each locality. The exam councils have prepared backup exam sites and rooms to stand ready for unusual situations if any arise.

In particular, localities have implemented synchronous solutions to ensure pandemic prevention and control such as spraying disinfectant at exam sites and arranging face masks, antiseptic water, and hand soap. A medical division has been set up at each exam site. In addition, localities have also issued propaganda to limit mass gatherings at exam areas.

Candidates unable to take the first phase of the exam due to COVID-19 will sit the second phase, the date for which will be decided by the MOET and based on suggestions from localities and the reality of the pandemic.

From now until the exam dates, the MOET proposes localities continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 situation and constantly update information regarding the officials and teachers participating in the exam as well as the candidates.

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