HCM City to establish university of health sciences
  • By Le Phuong | | July 07, 2020 12:35 PM
HCM City plans to set up a University of Health Sciences which will be developed from the HCM City National University’s Faculty of Health.

The plan was approved by all of the delegates who attended the university’s recent meeting.

The university will then propose the plan to the Ministry of Education and Training and the prime minister for consideration by the end of this year.

After a 10-year operation process, the HCM City National University’s Faculty of Health has 89 lecturers and 26 experts. To date, the faculty has trained 1,064 students.

According to head of the faculty Prof.Dang Van Phuoc the faculty is on the list of the World Directory of Medical Schools and a member of the International Pharmaceutical Students Federation. The faculty has met all requirements to become a member of HCM City National University.

Once established, by 2025, the University of Health Science is expected to train 2,600 and by 2030, it will have 24 different faculties, including cancer, otorhinolaryngology obstetrics.

In June, construction of the university’s 20-hectare training centre started, including an administrative building, faculties and a hospital for practice with 500 beds.

The city is also speeding up the construction of Tan Kien Medical Cluster occupying 74 hectares in the outlying district of Binh Chanh District is home to the 1,000-bed HCM City Children's Hospital, Otorhinolaryngology Hospital’s 400-bed second branch; the 300-bed Blood Transfusion and Haematology Hospital; the 1,000-bed HCM City Oncological Hospital and the second branch of the HCM City Heart Institute.

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