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People rush to Quy Nhon beach for Mid-year Festival swimming
  • |, Tienphong | June 10, 2024 05:28 PM

Thousands of people flocked to swim at beaches in Quy Nhon City in the southern central province of Binh Dinh today, June 10.

Today is the fifth of the fifth lunar month which is called Doan Ngo or the Mid-year Festival.

At noon on Doan Ngo Festival, beaches in Quy Nhon are crowded when people swam in the water as a way to rinse themselves of bad luck and wish for good health and fortune.

The beach running from An Duong Vuong to Xuan Dieu Street attracted lots of people.

Nguyen Thi Nam from Quy Nhon said that every year, her family comes to the beach to swim to pray for luck.

Many people collect seawater in cans or bottles after bathing to bring back home to their loved ones who couldn't join them.

Doan Ngo Festival is a significant festival in Vietnam for people to kill the insects harming the crops and wish for good health and luck.

Early this morning, people in many localities were busy preparing to offer their ancestors before noon. In the northern region, people often buy fresh seasonal fruits, ruou nep (fermented steamed sticky rice), and banh tro (cake cooked from glutinous rice with mistletoe ash) for the offering.


People queued to buy cakes for Doan Ngo Festival at some markets in HCM City (photo by Nguoi Lao Dong)

In the southern region, people buy fresh fruits and some kinds of traditional cakes like U and Tro for the offering.

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