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Buddha’s birthday atmosphere in Hanoi
  • |, Tien Phong | May 22, 2024 05:05 PM
Hanoi streets and pagodas have marked the Buddha's 2,568th birthday.

Buddha’s Birthday is held annually in Vietnam on the 15th day of the fourth lunar month.

Flowers and flags decorate many Hanoi streets, particularly those near pagodas.

Flags on Ly Quoc Su Street


On Quan Su Street 

Quan Su Pagoda is home to the headquarters of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha. The pagoda held processions on May 22 to celebrate Buddha's 2,568th birthday.

In front of Hoe Nhai Pagoda on Hang Than Street

Celebrations of Buddha's 2,568th birthday are being held in different localities nationwide. On Sunday, thousands gathered at the Phap Hoa Pagoda in HCM City to float lanterns. In Hue, seven giant lotus flowers have been lit up on Huong River to honour the event.

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