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Danang suspends rapid transit bus plan
  • |, Gtvt | April 15, 2021 08:01 AM
The central city of Danang has decided to suspend a plan to build a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system due to concerns about its ineffective operation.

The move was approved by local authorities on Monday.


Buses in Danang

The BRT system is part of the city’s World Bank-funded sustainable development project. To date, only 33% of the plan work has been carried out. Initially, the city wanted to pilot the system to link Hoi An City and the Ba Na Hill area. Approved in 2013, the pilot system was expected to enter operation in 2018.

However, following careful consideration by the municipal authorities, the trial run of the system would be wasteful due to the forecast of the low passenger numbers.

Therefore, the city has halted the BRT investment to turn into focusing on improving the quality of 12 subsidised bus routes. This has also received the agreement from the World Bank.

The decision was supported by some people in Danang who cited experience from localities in the country as examples about the ineffective BRT investment.

Danang’s sustainable development project involves some other areas, including water drainage and main urban roads. So far, roughly 84% of the project’s total work has been finished.

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