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Chinese men run away from quarantine centre
  • | laodong, | October 27, 2020 03:48 PM
Authorities in Dong Thap Province are searching for three Chinese men who fled a quarantine centre after illegally entering Vietnam.


Chinese men caught while entering Vietnam illegally

Dong Thap Department of Health confirmed the information on October 27.

On October 6, the men were caught by patrol guards at Dinh Ba Border Gate while trying to enter Vietnam illegally. They are from Hunan, China. The oldest is 34 years old and two others are 30 and 22 years old. According to the men, they worked at construction sites in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. However, after being unemployed, they crossed the border illegally in order to return to China.

According to the department, the men were brought to the quarantine centre in Hong Ngu District on the same day. Their first test results on October 8 came back negative.

They ran away from the centre on October 16. The authorities are still searching for the men.

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