Vietnamese young people more creative in love proposal
  • | | February 17, 2015 10:34 PM

Love was certainly in the air last year, as Vietnam's young people went to outstanding lengths to propose to their partners, with one going to the top of Fanispan Mountain, another enlisting a flash dance mob, and another staging an action scene.

Flash mob proposal, with yellow duck as witness

Hoang Quan proposed to Phuong Thao -- they met as students of HCM City University of Foreign Trade -- with a flash mob of friends, using a yellow duck as a witness as he presented her with a ring. He had pretended to be away on a business trip and caught her by surprise. The proposal was recorded and uploaded to the Internet.

Climbing a mountain

Chu Thi Thao, 24, shared photos among online communities to communicate her love. "Two years ago, your parents brought offerings to my house to propose a marriage but I refused as I was not ready for a marital life," Thao said in her postings. "Now, I've overcome a lot of challenges, willing myself to reach the top of the Fansipan Mountain to propose love to you. My legs hurt, but I did not quit. My love is as great as the highest mountain in the Southeast Asia, so please forgive me." Her boyfriend got the message. They plan to marry by the end of 2015.

Love is like an action film


Mai Viet Phu enlisted some friends to help stage a street scene in front of his girlfriend's house, in which he pretended to be robbed and injured. She rushed down to see if he was okay, when he sat up, gave her flowers and a ring and proposed his love. She kissed him amid the applause of their friends.

Saying it with dance

Last August, Thuy Hang, 24, from central Vinh City, organised a dance crew of 30 and lots of balloons to surprise her boyfriend, Quoc Hao, 27, at Ho Chi Minh Square in the city. Hang spent two months rehearsing the scene and a surprised and delighted Hao accepted her proposal.

South Korean style romance scene succeeds

A love proposal clip by a young man named Manh Linh went viral on Internet after he carefully staged a scene reminiscent of a South Korean romance movie. The scene was an eight floor café in Hanoi. Linh exits for a phone call. A stranger arrives and gives his girlfriend Thuy Duong a gift bag. Duong is confused. Linh returns, opens the gift for her, and expresses his love.


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