Danang man helps disease-striken woman realise her dream
  • | | January 31, 2024 12:42 PM
A man in the central city of Danang has helped a disease-stricken woman realise her dream of wearing a wedding dress.

Mai Quang Khanh and Nguyen Thi Ha pose for a wedding photo. Photo by Mai Quang Khanh

Nguyen Thi Ha, 36, has suffered from kidney problems since small. She has been depending on dialysis for the past 16 years. Having weak health, Ha has never dared to think about marriage but she dreamt of wearing a wedding dress.

"I have weak health and I can’t work," Ha said. "My family is poor and my parents have been struggling to cover my regular treatment. Seeing friends getting married and wearing their beautiful wedding dresses, I've dreamed about wearing one but I haven't been able to realise my dream until now when Mai Quang Khanh helped me."

The woman said that she shared her dream with another woman who also stayed in Danang Hospital for kidney treatment 10 years ago. The two planned to hire wedding gowns and take some photos to save their moments. However, they were unable to carry out their plans due to financial difficulties and Ha lost contact with the woman.

"Khanh joined a charity group to visit and support patients at Danang Hospital one day and he heard about my dream," Ha shared. "I was very surprised and happy when he decided to arrange a photo shoot and a video in which he dressed as groom and me as bride."

Speaking with Dantri/Dtinews, Khanh, 29, said that it took him a month to plan.

"I thought a lot after hearing about Ha's dream," the young man said. "Why did she have to keep her dream for such a long time, why not help her realise it right now?"

Khanh shared his thoughts with the owner of a wedding gown shop and the shop offered a free wedding dress and make-up service for Ha.

Khanh did not tell Ha about his plan and Ha had a nice surprise when she was taken to the shop and experienced the make-up and wedding photos.

"I was even more surprised when Khanh decided to turn himself to a groom in my photos," Ha said. "I was moved to tears. That would be among the most memoriable experiences of my life."

Ha smiles happily in a wedding gown.

Khanh then shared the clip of their wedding photo shooting online and it received lots of good comments and support.

"I just want to share a message 'why should we only dream when we’re still alive?', he said. "That's what I wanted to tell Ha and other people who are facing difficulties in realising their dreams. Let's do it and try to make our dreams come true."

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