Nghe An couple receives nearly VND1.20 billion in donations to save ill son
  • | | November 06, 2023 12:24 PM
A poor couple in the central province of Nghe An have received nearly VND1.20 billion (USD48,910) in donations from the public to help save their small son from heart disease.

Le Thi Hoa receives donations transferred from Dantri Newspaper.

The donations came after their story was recently published in the Dantri/Dtinews Newspaper.

Le Thi Hoa, 44, was moved to tears, saying that her son would have more chances to live with better treatment after receiving VND 252,959,951 from readers sent to the newspaper's charity fund.

"After our story was shared in the newspaper, many people from in and outside the country have called to send their sympathy and money to help us save our son," she said. "I've received VND 934,100,000 which people sent to my bank account to support us. I want to send my sincere thanks for all your valuable help."

The poor mother has lost four children and is now fearing that she will lose her last child, seven-year-old Van Duc Vinh from heart disease.

According to the woman, she had her first child in 2002 but he died from pneumonia and diarrhoea when he was just six months old. Then her three other children also developed the same health problems when they were between three and six months old. Despite receiving treatment at various hospitals, they died shortly afterwards.

"I gave birth and lost four children in nine years," she said. "So, I was very nervous when I was pregnant again in 2017. I prayed a lot but then I was shocked when doctors told me that my child had heart problems in the fifth month of pregnancy.” 

Hoa and her husband decided to keep the child and hoped for a miracle.

But when Vinh was born, he fainted and was immediately transferred to a better hospital in Hanoi for better treatment. Doctors said that his problems are rare and need intensive care and treatment.

The couple have had to take their son to Hanoi twice a month to follow the treatment. Due to the disease, the boy is seriously malnourished and weighs only 14 kilos at the eight of seven.

Van Duc Vinh is being treated at the hospital.

"He can easily faint," Hoa said. "His condition has worsened recently and now he needs to stay at the hospital for intensive care and treatment."

Talking about Hoa's family, the chairman of Quynh Tan Commune Women's Association, Ho Thi Lien, said that they need support to continue treatment for their son.

"Hoa and her husband earn a modest income from farming work," Lien said. "Besides taking care of their ill son, they also have to support their sick elderly mother. I hope that they will receive some financial help to overcome this difficult time."

According to Hoa, her family has incurred debts of nearly VND 300 million during the seven years of treatment for her son.

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