Vietnam masterpieces in auction for the poor
  • | Tuoi tre | December 27, 2011 07:40 PM

The four works of art announced for the auction programme are the Hon Viet (Soul of the Vietnamese) cup, Quoc Binh Thang Long (Thang Long Vase), Ca Chep Hoa Rong (Carps Transforming to Dragons), and Am Huong Thang Long (Thang Long’s Sonority).

Ca Chep Hoa Rong (Carps Transforming to Dragons)
The starting prices of the items have been set at between VND200 million and VND1.5 billion (USD9,523 – $71,400).

The auction’s winners will be announced during the biggest charity event of the year, which will be organised at the same time as the New Year 2012 celebration (Dec 31).

The programme, called Noi Vong Tay Lon – Vi Nguoi Ngheo (Joining the Great Cause – For the Poor), which is organized annually by both the Vietnam Fatherland Front and Vietnam Television (VTV), includes art performances from well-known artists around the country.

Fund-raising activities by organisations and local and foreign individuals, who will work to raise money for the Fund for the Poor, which was established in 2000, will follow the art programme.

The programme has created value and raised public awareness of the need to help underprivileged people. The fund has raised tens of billions of dong each year since its inception.

The four art items up for auction were announced on the official websites of the Vietnam Fatherland Front and Vietnam Television. The organizers have called on individuals and organizations to participate in the auction and donate to the charitable program as well.

The product with the highest starting price at the auction is the Hon Viet cup, made by Minh Long Company, at VND1.5 billion. The 20-kilogram and 24-karat-gold-plated item is one of three masterpieces the company made to celebrate the 1,000th anniversary of Thang Long – Hanoi last year.

When it was finished, the 80-centimeter tall cup, donated by the company for the purpose of charity fund raising, was recognised as the highest ceramic and one-piece cup by Guinness Vietnam.

The cup is decorated with familiar images such as coconut trees, lotus flowers, Chua Mot Cot (One Pillar) Pagoda, Thien Mu Pagoda, The Huc Bridge, and others that are close to the hearts of most of Vietnamese people.

Another piece of art that was made to celebrate the 1,000th anniversary of Thang Long – Hanoi, the Thang Long vase, is also included on the auction list.

The gold-plated ceramic vase, with a starting price of VND350 million (USD16,700), was crafted and donated by Cuong Phat Company. The 28-kilogram vase, which is decorated with ascending dragons and other patterns, was also recognised as the biggest vase that features the Vietnamese bronze drum in the country.

The two other masterpieces that are set to be auctioned off are wood-carving artworks.

Two carps transforming into dragons, both of which are carved from one piece of rare wood, are starting at VND200 million. The male carving weighs 54 kilograms, and the female one is 48 kilograms.

The other wood-carving piece - Am Huong Thang Long (Thang Long’s Sonority) also has a starting price of VND200 million. The work features a dragon sitting on a lotus flower.

The last day of the online auction is December 28th.

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