Internet forum a helping hand to UK study
  • | | March 11, 2011 12:35 PM

A live online forum, which lasted for three hours this morning answered many students worries and wishes about studying abroad.

DTiNews hosted the exchange, in conjunction with ISC/UKEAS, to answer students who want to study in the UK. A host of questions were answered online, in real time by members of the ISC/UKEAS team. The forum members consisted of Carl Owen, from ISC/UKEAS, Lee Wildman from Queen Mary, University of London, as well as Lan Nhi, a former student at Birmingham University.

This online exchange, lasted for three hours, between 9am and 12pm, and was a success in that it answered questions from Vietnamese students who seemed to be extremely curious about the process of application, visas and especially in scholarships.

Carl Owen said of the event, “I think students are becoming more and more knowledgeable. I think the questions are good. Lots of there are very general, so for these questions I would suggest they contact an overseas study agent, such as us. Some of the more specific questions we tried to answer in this forum. Even for them we suggest that they come to our fair and speak to the representatives in person. But in general there is more awareness about the UK. This is the second forum I’ve done, and overall I am pleased with the range of questions I answered today.

Lee Wildman commented, “I think it’s been a very useful session for both myself and Carl and for the Vietnamese public. Over the past few years the students coming to Queen Mary has increased markedly, and generally speaking the number of Vietnamese students now studying in the UK is a lot higher than three or four years ago. I hope that over the past few hours we’ve addressed some of the issues that the students coming to UK have, particularly to do with finance, the application process, and in particular concerns around IELTS. If any students feel that they require further information, or perhaps didn’t have their question answered today, we’d be more than happy to speak with them at tomorrow’s ISC-UKEAS fair at the Melia Hotel, between 9 and 12.30. We look forward to welcoming another group of excellent Vietnamese students to the UK this coming September”.

Readers can access the content of the online exchange here