HCM City offers unique scholarship models
  • | | October 04, 2010 09:51 PM

>> Vietnam continues push to promote education

The Ho Chi Minh City Association for Promoting Education has launched many scholarship opportunities and models which have received strong praise from the community.

Tran Thi Minh Tuyen, an outstanding example in study
Raising terra-cotta pigs, a sustainable study promotion model

Vice Chairman of the association Le Minh Ngoc said the 1&1 programne not only offers students material support but also links them with their donors, creating a firmly sentimental relation. Therefore, it is often called the “Scholarship of hearts”.

The name “1&1” means that when an individual or an organization agrees to fund a certain student, they will provide scholarship funding for him/her during his/her tertiary education time, she explained.

Based on the registration list of donors and students, the association will select suitable 1&1 couples in line with the career criteria. For example, a law student will work together with a lawyer. Besides giving material assistance, donors can also help students in their major.

The 1&1 model, applied in many localities nationwide, has granted scholarships to more than 900 students, including 20 sent abroad for intensive training.

The 1&1 program also brings students together, forming talent promotion clubs. Then, former students of the clubs launched another scholarship model named the “Supporting friends scholarhip”.

Phuong Trinh, a former student who revieved talent promotion scholarships, said “The 1&1 program helps many students to resume their learning. They not only receive financial support but also sympathy and encouragement from their sponsors.”

Among former students granted with a talent promotion scholarship, many have become good examples in overcoming difficulties to make contributions to society.

Tran Thi Minh Tuyet, who is blind and has only one hand, now works as a senior expert at a foreign investment company after completing her tertiary education.

Nguyen Van Cai, who lost his father and now lives with his mentally challenged mother below the poverty line, has tried to earn his own living and has become a good teacher.

Chairman Le Minh Ngoc said “Today, teaching students to behave morally and to have positive viewpoints is an urgent need for the education sector, thus, we decided to promote these bright examples to schools.”

The association also encourages local households to carry out a movement called “Raising terra-cota pigs for saving” to serve their children’s studies. Thanks to this, roughly 70% of the households have saved a combined VND67.5 billion for a three-year implementation process.

The sustainable movement is mostly aimed to call on parents to save money to prioritise their children’s study under any and all circumstances.

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