Old teacher holds free class for border children in An Giang
  • By Nguyen Hanh | | March 04, 2015 04:38 PM
A retired teacher has been offering free classes to poor children of mountainous An Giang Province for 18 years.


Old teacher has held a free class for poor Khmer ethnic children for 18 years

Nong Na Nuong, 66, lives in a charity house in Vinh Tam Hamlet of Vinh Trung Commune in Tinh Bien District, and gets no pension because she had to quit teaching because of health problems in 1997. She gets support from a relative and her neighbours.

But none of that has diminished her passion to teach.

“I had worked as a primary teacher for 20 years before opening this free class for local poor children," she said.


Her class has up to 20 students during summer

She teaches Vietnamese language and mathematics, at primary school level, and she attracts 10-15 students -- as many as 20 during summer.

“We really admire teacher Nuong for her enthusiasm for education," siad Le Thi Diem, the  mother of one of the students. "She refuses any tuition fees even though she has her own economic and health problems."


Many of her former students have visited her and donate notebooks for new generations

Many of her students are ethnic Kkmer, and sometimes Nuong's former pupils bring notebooks for the new students to use.

She was awarded the Medal “For the sake of women liberation” in 1995 and the Medal “For the sake of education” in 1996.

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