Japan providing funds for education in remote Vietnam
  • | | June 23, 2010 04:22 PM

The Japanese Ambassador to Vietnam, Mr. Misuo Sakaba, on June 22 signed a grant for grassroots construction of primary schools in Hiep Hoa and Tien Minh communes of Hai Phong City.

Former Miss Hong Kong Anita Yuen Wing-yi visited Tien Minh commune Primary School in 2008

The grant carries a value of 182,863 USD. Of that sum, Hiep Hoa will receive 95,235 USD and Tien Minh will get 87,628 USD.

Both Hiep Hoa and Tien Minh are agricultural communes far from central Hai Phong city in Northern Vietnam. Being near the coast, the communes have to cope with typhoons and strong weather conditions which bring harm to the local socio–economic conditions and leads to low productivity (approximately 1 ton per hectare).

Hiep Hoa commune Primary School was built in 1954 and has since been utilized and maintained by the commune's people. However, the classes are tattered and torn with many leaks in the roof caused by storms. Furthermore, the number of children attending has risen to a point where there aren't enough classrooms. Therefore, the children have to learn in shifts and cannot have enough time for studying inside the classroom.

Tien Minh commune Primary School, which was built 40 years ago, is facing a similar situation.

Given these circumstances, Japan's Government has decided to grant aid to help these communes build new schools in order to improve the local educational environment, eradicate shift learning and increase learning hours for pupils.

At the signing ceremony, Japanese Ambassador Sakaba said, “I hope this project will not only improve primary education conditions in Hiep Hoa and Tien Minh communes, but also deepen the friendship and mutual understanding between Japan and Vietnam."

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