Youngest professor all work, no age
  • | | November 26, 2009 09:33 AM

Prof. Vo Van Hoang gave a gentle smile when the National Professor Accreditation Council recognised him as the youngest Professor in Vietnam in 2009, saying “I don’t think that I am the youngest professor, in other countries, one can be granted Professorship when he is at the age of 30.” This is the story of Prof. Vo Van Hoang – from HCMC University of Technology, who has recently been promoted as the youngest professor of 2009. Professor Vo Van Hoang, 45 years old This is all I know how to do! Receiving both a B.A and Master's from Moscow Technology Institute (Federation of Russia) with methodical trainings, Prof. Hoang has made up his mind to lead the life of a scientific researcher despite encountering harsh times to settle down after coming back to his motherland. “In the context of turbulence to the science of our country, we still lack the standards and synchronizations of the international scientific community. Thus, I just know to work and pass my passion for scientific research on to my students, and occasionally I go abroad to work for universities of other countries. I grant myself a petit piece of happiness seeing my scientific ideas being appreciated by international colleagues,” Hoang said. “Only when working for foreign universities have I found myself being in my own working environment, passionately working and being respectfully and valuably appreciated for my true capability.” Bringing science to Vietnam After years of studying and carrying out professional scientific research in the ideal environments of foreign countries, Prof. Hoang, has a desire to see reforms in national science here.He pointed out that, "Scientific research must stick to international issues and standards. Scientific works should be announced in renowned international scientific magazines and receive rigorous argument from international scientists. Vietnam cannot stay far from international standards, recognitions and evaluations if it wants to keep up with development pace of other countries." With concerns such as these, Prof. Hoang has built the Physics Calculation group at the HCMC University of Technology aiming to bring a professional standard of scientific research to students, steadily training a high quality scientist force for the country. According to Prof. Hoang, the lab recruits 2 to 3 students annually to train with specific researching skills. After graduating, these students will have the chance to study abroad, and become core task forces. Under Hoang’s lead, the Physics Calculation Laboratory has completed scientific research in the field of emulation of liquid, amorphic, and nano materials, with 38 articles aired in international magazines from 2006 – 2008. Prof. Hoang was awarded top scientist in 2007 and a medal of outstanding scientific achievement by International Biographical Center, Cambridge.