135 receive Masters degree
  • | | November 25, 2009 04:03 PM

A Master degree ceremony was held at the Literature Temple in Hanoi for students studying at Vietnam National University.  Degrees were awarded to 135 students in the International Business Administration and postgraduate department of the University.  The programme is a joint effort coordinated with Hanoi and Griggs University (USA).

The Master degree awards ceremony

Nguyen Quang Hoa Binh, director of the Master of International Business Administration (MIBA) programme, said: “The MIBA program is designed for leaders and managers, personnel in government offices, businesses and organisations."

The course has individual training programmes for students, allowing them to apply knowledge and practical skills of their current working environment to the course. Through modern training and high application methods, students will have more chances to practise exercises, teamwork methods, sample business exercises etc. These methods enable students to develop skills and initiatives in researching, studying as well as real-life work.

Postgraduate lecturers, education managers and leaders of Vietnam National University of Hanoi, appreciated this type of training programme and hopefully, this will be the basis to train business administration staffs with high quality skills, satisfying the demands on senior human resource management in Vietnam.