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Hanoi’s world record ceramic mural of love
  • | | September 30, 2010 04:37 PM

The woman behind the worlds longest mosaic, which calls Hanoi home, shares how she came up with the idea.

The ceramic mosaic mural has been created out of love for Hanoi

Journalist and artist Nguyen Thu Thuy initiated the massive project seen lining the side of the Red River’s dyke road. Her inspiration was a passion and love for Hanoi.

Thuy grew up in Hanoi and always loved her hometown. She is especially excited as the capital city is about to turn 1,000 years old. She developed the idea of creating this gift for her city back in 2003 when she saw archaeological excavations at the ancient Thang Long Royal Citadel.

“Ancient bricks from the Ly dynasty, ceramic vases from the Le dynasty and other artifacts from the Tran dynasty which were unearthed moved me. I thought of the long history which has been preserved on these ceramic artifacts. I wanted to create a mural painting which can partly reflect specialised patterns of history,” shared Thuy.

The mural painting that stretches 6,900 square metres is expected to be complete on October 5, 2010. When it’s finished, it will gain Guinness World Records recognition. On September 29, the information about it is available at the website of Guinness World Records (

In order to make this ceramic mural, Thuy said that she had received a lot of support, sharing and sincere love for Hanoi from many international friends and Vietnamese people all over the world.

In March 2008, Michael Geertsen, an artist from Denmark, started to implement its first section by using contemporary design patterns.

In June 2009, Dominique de Miscault, an artist from France, started to make the next section which was inspired from the epic of “De dat, De nuoc” (Giving Birth to the Earth and Water) of the Muong ethnic group living in Hoa Binh Province.

In August 2009, a Van Gogh image was added, sponsored by the Dutch Embassy.

In October 2009, Ana Tzarev, a female artist from New Zealand, brightened a part of the ceramic mosaic mural with various kinds of tropical flowers.

Many other artists from around the world had sent ceramic tiles which were decorated and contributed to the mural honouring Hanoi and its 1,000 year anniversary.

Nearly 100 ceramic artists and masters from Hungary, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, USA, Taiwan and more contributed ceramic tiles on which small paintings were made. The ceramic tiles were enameled with very particular colours.

The road has become known as “ceramic road” and was built with the care and attention of many artists.

Travelling along the road from An Duong border gate to Van Kiep border gate, it’s very soothing to see the detailed mural which contains typical cultural features of Vietnam. The works reflects the history of the Dong Son, Ly, Tran, and Le dynasties. Its design patterns contain the architecture of 54 ethnic groups of Vietnam. In addition, it also has different images of Hanoi, considered a dynamic city of peace.

Many ceramic tiles were sent to Hanoi from around the world

It’s easy to find familiar cultural features on the ceramic painting

Workers are completing the final section of the project which will be in the Guinness Book of World Records

The unfinished section

The ceramic road looks wonderful in anticipation of the great celebration

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