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Rail company complains about lax monitoring at Hanoi train street
  • | | June 19, 2024 05:14 PM
A recent clip featuring a traveller taking a photo of an oncoming train in Hanoi has again sparked concerns about the lax management of the well-known tourist site.

The female tourist tries to take photos with the coming train.

According to Vinh Ngoc, who posted the clip on some social websites, the incident happened on the morning of June 17 when the female tourist tried to take photos with the coming train.

"The train was coming near, and many people called her to get out of the track, but she didn't leave until the coffee shop's owner rushed out to pull her in," Ngoc shared.

After the incident, the Hang Bong Ward People's Committee summoned the coffee shop owner where the tourist was staying. The shop was fined VND7.5 million for their violations.

Speaking with Dantri/Dtinews about the incident, Tran Cao Thang, head of the Vietnam Railway Corporation's railway security and safety department, said they had asked local authorities to ban visitors from the railway to ensure safety, but the problems had continued.

"Although checkpoints were set up by police along the railway section on Tran Phu and Phung Hung streets, the owners of local cafes have continued to take tourists to their venues,"

Train Street, which attracts many visitors, was closed again in September 2022, and all the cafes had their licenses revoked following rail safety concerns from the Vietnam Railway Authority.

However, owners of coffee shops along the train street in Hanoi later sent a group letter asking local authorities to allow them to continue operating. They hoped local authorities would keep the popular tourist spot.

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