HCM City bakery support coronavirus-hit dragon fruit growers
  • |, HNM | February 19, 2020 11:05 AM
A bakery chain in HCM City have used dragon fruits to make bread as a way to help farmers in the context of the stagnant fruit export to China due to coronavirus outbreak.

ABC Bakery shops have bought a huge amount of dragon fruit for bread production. 


Dragon fruit bread made by ABC Bakery

Over the recent days, the bread of this kind has become a trend, attracting many customers. 

On Tuesday afternoon, hundreds of people queued in front of a shop of the chain on Nguyen Trai Street in District 5 to buy dragon fruit bread.

Kao Sieu Luc, the manager of the chain, said now around 20,000 loaves of bread are made by the chain per day compared to the initial figure of just 300. 

It means that his firm needs around one tonne of dragon fruit for the bread production each day. However, supply has failed to meet the demand, so each customer is only allowed to buy five loaves at a time. 

According to Luc, the dragon fruit is mashed and used to replace up to 60% of the water used for making bread. It requires 1.4 kilos of dragon fruit for every five kilos of flour, Luc added. 

Many customers said that they like the naturally sweet flavour of the bread. This is a creative and effective way to help Vietnamese dragon fruits as durians, mangos or watermelons. 

China is a huge market for the country's agricultural products, accounting for 22-24% of total export turnover.

Deals for many kinds of fruits such as durian and watermelon have been delayed since coronavirus outbreak. The fruits have been domestically sold at very low prices.

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