Astronomy park in Hanoi left abandoned
  • | | November 02, 2023 10:02 AM
An astronomy park project located in Hanoi, the first outdoor of its kind in Southeast Asia, has been completed but not yet put into operation.


Work on the VND260 billion (USD10.61 million)12-hectare park at Duong Noi Urban Area in Ha Dong District started in 2017.


The park has various models of the Sun, the Earth and other planets to help visitors understand more about the solar system.

Many facilities of the projects have deteriorated because they have been left idle for a long time. 


All entries to the park have been blocked by barriers and dry branches.


The statue of Albert Einstein is being covered by wild grass.

The park construction did not follow the detailed 1/500 plan of the Duong Noi Urban Area, which is the main reason for its operation delay.

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