Owning luxury motors, a trend for young Hanoians
  • | VTC, | January 24, 2012 06:44 AM

Hanoi’s young nouveau riche are turning to luxury and giant motor vehicles to flaunt their wealth. 

Increasing numbers of young people own luxury motorbikes

Over the past few years, it has become a common sight to see young people in Hanoi owning motorbikes worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Members of Harley Davidson motor club in Hanoi, which gathers fans of the famous American motorbike, are mostly in their twenties. Although some may not yet own one of these prestigious motorbikes, they can talk to you in an extremely detailed way about unique technical aspects of the bike, and for many, their motorbike is their biggest and only asset.

Ngo Nhat Hoang, a member of Harley Davidson club said that for lots of people, driving super motorbikes not only satisfied their passion, but also allowed them to show off their status. Motorbikes priced between USD60,000-90,000 have started appearing on Vietnamese streets.

A number of motorbike clubs in the capital city have attracted more young members, showing their grasp of global hobbies to breed wild animals, parachuting or indoor mountaineering.

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