Ambulance support team in HCM City
  • | | August 27, 2023 10:05 PM
HCM City has a team of volunteers who specialise in escorting ambulances at rush hours to get patients to hospitals.

The team was set up in 2016 with five members. This has so far risen to 20.

The members are divided into groups of seven.

Lam Hoang Anh, head of the team, said that he himself was transported by an ambulance to hospital after contracting dengue fever. Luckily, thanks to the support of a motorbike driver, the ambulance quickly got to hospital. After that, he decided to establish an ambulance escort team.

Over the past seven years, the squad has led hundreds of ambulances, helping many patients to escape death.

The volunteers spend their own money to maintain the team’s operation.

Lam Hoang Anh recalled when they cleared the way for an ambulance from Tay Ninh Hospital to Cho Ray Hospital in HCM City during peak time. Upon arriving at the hospital, doctors said that if the vehicle had been delayed five minutes longer, the patient would have died.

Every Sunday morning, they gather at a meeting point. Those who are experienced provide skills on how to lead emergency vehicles as well as first aid to traffic accident victims.

They also travel to different streets in the city to assist traffic accident victims.

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