The desperate tears of a father
  • | | September 10, 2010 05:23 PM

Trinh Dinh Y is desperate as he watches his severely ill wife and children suffer while he doesn’t have the money to help them.

Trinh Dinh Y and his daughter
Trinh Dinh Y and his son
Y’s family is facing a lot of difficulties

Y shared, “I don’t know how long I can work to earn enough money to support my whole family. My wife has got acute appendicitis, bowel obstruction and suffers from memory loss.

My first daughter has suffered from encephalitis (an acute inflammation of the brain) and my second son has cerebral palsy.”

His family is living at Thong Nhat Hamlet, Xuan Thien Commune, Tho Xuan District, Thanh Hoa Province.

Y and his wife are impoverished farmers. Their first daughter, Trinh Thi Gai was born in 1992. However, she weighed only 1.2 kilograms when she was born. She could not gain any more weight and her body organs did not develop during her first 4 months. Fortunately, she grew up very quickly after her 5th month. The couple was very thankful and tried to work harder to earn more money.

In May 2010, when Gai was preparing for her graduation exams, her face became covered with red pimples. She was diagnosed with erythema disease. Y did not have enough money to get his daughter admitted to the hospital. Thus, he took Gai home. After taking medicine for 15 days, Gai would scream out, cry loudly and could not eat or drink anything. Occasionally, she would even faint. Gai was taken to hospital again and was diagnosed with encephalitis.

Doctors said Gai’s diseases were very dangerous and it’s very difficult to bring her to a complete recovery. They emphasised that if she could not access regular treatments, her life would be in danger.

He could not afford her treatments and had to try to treat her at home. When Y could, he would try to borrow money and bring her to the hospital. The treatment expenditures cost dozens of millions of dong each visit.

Y’s second son, Trinh Dinh Vien was born in 1997. Vien has suffered from physiological jaundice since he was born. At 6 months of age, he was found to also suffer from cerebral palsy. Y did not have money for his treatment and he also had to care for Vien at home.

In 2002, after saving some money, Y took Vien to Hanoi and hoped that Vien’s disease could be treated. After one year, his condition did not improve despite intensive care and treatment. Eventually, Y ran out of money and brought Vien back home.

Y has been struggling to have enough money for the treatment of not only his two children but also of his wife. In 2007, his wife began suffering from acute appendicitis and bowel obstruction. Y could only cover enough fees of the operation to remove 60 centimetres of her decayed appendix before she was taken home.

Y has cared for the whole family without any complaint. Luckily, his wife’s memory has partially improved however, she cannot do hard jobs.

Y has to work in fields and do housework for his wife. All that he can earn is just enough to feed the family.

Although Y has tried to work hard to earn money, making enough money for the treatment costs of his wife and two children is beyond his ability. He also has to borrow money from others. Meanwhile, his family’s health keeps suffering.

Looking at his children with diseases, Y cried, “I wish I were the person who has got the diseases. Doctors said it would take a lot of money to cure them. I don’t know how long I can try to work and earn money for their treatment. Their lives can be lost anytime.”

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