Locals attack pig farm to protest against pollution
  • By Hoang Lam-Doan Hoa | dtinews.vn | January 03, 2012 12:03 PM
 >>  Locals attack pig farm in pollution protest

Around 700 local residents in Dai Son Commune, Nghe An Province surrounded a pig farm, as it's owner failed to relocate the farm, which caused pollution in the community.


Hundreds of residents surround the farm in early morning 

The protesters released nearly 9,000 pigs from Thai Duong Breeding Pig Limited Company.  They claimed that the firm and local authorities did not keep their promise of relocating the polluting facility, as they promised, before December 31, 2011.

The company has invested more than VND200 billion (USD9.51 million) in the farm. It is the biggest of its kind in the entire province. Since it began operations six years ago, there have been several accusations of incidences of severe pollution to the local environment.

On November 22, after hundreds of residents in Dai Son Commune in Do Luong District gathered around the farm the first time, between November 12-22, requesting that the company take measures to deal with the environmental fallout of the operation, they made a statement to the effect that they would resolve the problem by moving their facilities, along with pollution problems, to other areas.

However, on December 30, the provincial government of Nghe An received a proposal from the company asking permission to extend the date for relocation.

Local residents were unhappy with the request.

The company's proposal was to gradually reduce the number of animals on the farm so as to make sure that wastewater was properly treated before being discharged. Residents around the facility, however, have lost trust in the company's promises.

When informed of the attack, local authorities and police came to break up the crowd.

By 5pm on December 31, with support from local police, the farm had recaptured all the pigs that were released.

As of the afternoon of January 1, 2012, hundreds of locals staged another protest around the farm, unwilling to give up until a final solution was obtained.

Some photos taken from the pig farm on December 31:


Wastewater systems remain incomplete

Pollution seriously affects at least 16 local households

The protesters let go of thousands of pigs

Some took advantage of the situation to steal pigs

Piglets left in the cold

Around 9,000 pigs let loose in the cold

Cold weather dangerous for the animals

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