British University Vietnam: Leading the way as a green university
  • By PR article | | June 14, 2024 08:00 PM
British University Vietnam (BUV) stands as a pioneer in higher education, being the first and only international university in Vietnam authorized to deliver university degrees from the UK.

BUV's commitment to sustainability and its strategic initiatives toward environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals positions it as a leader in shaping the future of education and sustainable development in Vietnam.

Making an impact: BUV’s ESG leadership

BUV has established itself as a key player in the national and international arena by actively engaging in sustainability initiatives. The university’s capacity to shape national events is evident in its significant contributions to the ESG agenda. By hosting and sponsoring conferences such as the 2024 Vietnam ESG Investor Conference, BUV underscores its role in promoting sustainability, enhancing its brand visibility, and positioning itself as a thought leader in this critical field.

“BUV is dedicated to building a green and inclusive institution. Our park campus is located right at the heart of Ecopark Township, surrounded with green trees and designed with sustainability in mind,” says Thuy Nguyen, Chief Operating Officer at BUV. “Buildings occupy only 20% of the land, allowing for extensive green spaces, natural lighting, and ventilation to minimize reliance on chemical systems.”

Enhanced brand visibility and networking opportunities

BUV’s active involvement in sustainability initiatives significantly enhances its brand visibility. The university reaches a diverse audience of stakeholders, including investors, businesses, and sustainability experts, reinforcing its commitment to sustainability and innovation. These interactions open up valuable networking opportunities, paving the way for potential collaborations and partnerships that can further amplify BUV’s impact.

At the 2024 Vietnam ESG Investor Conference, BUV showcased its strategies and initiatives, demonstrating its dedication to sustainability. “Sustainability is integrated into our teaching and learning processes, promoting an eco-friendly mindset. Our curriculum includes sustainability-focused modules, fostering a deep understanding of environmental and social issues among our students,” adds Thuy.

Positioning as a thought leader

BUV leads by example and inspires not just other institutions but also anyone who set foot on its campus.

As an educator, BUV does not just educate its students, but also influences others in its communities and society through various engagement activities. The university aims to create a culture where its staff, students, and communities become the influencers themselves, who then continue to spread their impact and widen the circles of influence.

When it comes to ESG, BUV’s strategic initiatives are comprehensive. “We have implemented various initiatives to support sustainability, such as an LED lighting system, rainwater reuse for landscaping, and a composting system for food waste,” says the COO of BUV. “Sustainability is also a core part of our curriculum, with modules focused on business ethics and tourism planning that emphasize long-term environmental considerations.”

Key Sustainability Initiatives

Energy conservation

BUV has implemented an LED lighting system across its campus, which saves 75% of energy. This initiative significantly reduces the university’s carbon footprint and operational costs.

Waste reduction

The university has a comprehensive waste management system, including a composting system initiated by its hospitality program. Food waste is turned into compost, which is then used to grow herbs and plants. This not only reduces waste but also supports the university’s eco-friendly practices.

Eco-friendly practices

BUV promotes the use of bus services among its community to reduce carbon emissions. Additionally, the campus design maximizes natural lighting and ventilation, reducing dependence on chemical systems and furthering its commitment to sustainability.

Inclusive education

In an effort to raise sustainability awareness, BUV dedicates a whole Value Week to honor Sustainability and Responsibility through a series of meaningful activities. One notable example is BUV Green Project, a BUV student organisation on sustainable development and environmental issues.

At BUV, students are encouraged not only to excel academically but also to grow as confident, well-rounded individuals. To support this mission, BUV has developed a Personal & Social Growth (PSG) program, offering a wide range of extracurricular activities in diverse areas, including various projects related to ESG.

Additionally, BUV is also dedicated to providing job opportunities for people with disabilities, collaborating with organizations like the Students Disability Resource and Development Organization. The university ensures its facilities are accessible and provides the necessary equipment to support all employees, fostering an inclusive work environment.

Sponsorship of the 2024 Vietnam ESG Investor Conference

The path to Net Zero commitment in 2050 is only 26 years away, which is long enough for new generations to emerge and take over current ESG efforts. In order to nurture ESG-oriented workforce for the future, education must be at the forefront as a key driver.

Acknowledging this mission, BUV, as an educator, also partners alongside with corporates and other institutions to promote interdisciplinary learning, encourage students to engage in research projects, fostering a spirit of inquiry and innovation that advance ESG goals.

As a sponsor of the 2024 Vietnam ESG Investor Conference, BUV demonstrates its commitment to leading discussions on sustainability and investment in education. This sponsorship not only highlights the university’s dedication to ESG principles but also provides a platform to share its successes and challenges with a broader audience.

Moving forward

By the end of 2024, BUV will receive the EDGE Certificate. This is a globally recognized standard, awarded by The International Finance Corporation (IFC), certifying the sustainability of green buildings.

The university will also plan to have solar panels installed on campus, further strengthening its commitment to forging a sustainable future. BUV seeks collaboration and partnerships with industry leaders to collectively push forward initiatives in ESG.

“By creating an inclusive culture and adapting our practices to support all employees, we enhance our overall work environment and attract top talent,” says Professor Rick Bennett, Deputy Vice Chancellor of British University Vietnam. “Our journey towards sustainability continues, and we hope our achievements inspire others to join us in creating a greener future.”

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