Students sweating over university entrance exams
  • | Huu Nghi - Tien Nguyen | July 05, 2010 04:44 PM

Under blazing temperatures parents are left to sweat outside while their children sweat from stress over exams inside.

Thousands of students and their anxious parents swarmed to exam locations across Hanoi yesterday and today for their first university entrance examination period.

Despite the heat and the burning sun, nervous parents patiently stood for hours outside the examination rooms, waiting to hear how the children’s tests had gone.

Below are pictures DTiNews captured during the first period of the 2010 university entrance exam:

Parents standing outside the exam location of the Vietnam Commerce University on Thai Thinh Street.

Students waiting to enter the examination room.

The worried look on a parent’s face.

Students entering the examination rooms.

An examination supervisor confirming a student’s identity.

Inside an examination room of the Foreign Trade University.

A sick student still shows up for the exam.

An examination supervisor gives out instructions before opening the envelope containing the exam questions.

Handing examination papers to students.

A student looking tense and nervous.

Exam question papers being sealed in an envelope.

The university entrance exam period is taking place during the hottest days of summer.

Thousands of parents trying to hide under the shade while waiting for their children.

Anxious parents rush to the gate to hear news from their children.

Under the scorching sun.

Parents stand in line and eye the university gate.

A parent and his son discuss the exam.

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